May 24, 2018

If you are publishing an article, a magazine, book, etc and would like to use some photos to illustrate them, or if you are a record company, management, a booking agent or an artist, please e-mail your requests and your e-mail address to begin a dialog. Prices vary depending on where & how the photo(s) is published.

All photo rights sold can be used only for editorial purposes. Any other use of the photo(s) (i.e. advertising) must involve the artist/performer in the photo(s) and be negotiated separately between the photo buyer and the artist for any additional compensation. We must have written permission from the artist(s) involved if the photo(s) is used for anything other than editorial purposes. You can reach B & B Studios at:

B&B; Studios.
3 Orchard Lane
Athens, OH 45701

If you have any questions, call B & B studios at 740-592-4596 between the hours of 8am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.