May 24, 2018

Publication Rights and Prices

In some cases these prices are negotiable depending on the number of images selected.

CD Cover $300.00
CD Back Cover $100.00
CD Internal Use $60.00
Newspaper $35.00
Magazine Cover $150.00-$500.00
Magazine Internal $50.00-$125.00
Media Package/Press Kit Use $75.00
Posters $400.00
Postcards $250.00
T-Shirt $175.00
Magnets, Stickers, Buttons, etc… $ 75.00
Book Cover $200.00-$800.00
Book Internal $75.00-$125.00
Print Media Ad $125.00
Web Use $20.00
TV Ad $250.00
Billboard $200.00
Film Rights/10 years $75-$250
Television Rights/10 years $50-$200

We provide each artist or act with a complete set of low-resolution photos which may be used for free on their website or social networking site(s). For a more extensive custom search see the information below.

Custom Search/Archive Search

Due to the large number of images we have on file, we simply can’t post all of the images in our online archives. We select the shots that best capture the artist and post them in our main catalog. If you would like to view additional images of a certain artist, we can do a custom search through all the files we have of that artist. In many cases, we have photographed the artist numerous times throughout their career. The search fee is $25.00 per artist for additional images that are not in the main catalog. Low resolution (72 dpi) images of each artist can be emailed or put on a CD for an additional cost of $20.00.

Art Print Prices

Prints in this gallery are a collaboration between Stewart Katz and Brian Blauser that have spanned over 20 years. The images in this gallery are all from their project called, Life and Death on the Line and Beyond. These prints have been exhibited in numerous art galleries across the country over the years.

8 x 10 $75.00
11 x 14 $115.00

Art prints that are in stock will be shipped within one working day. If we have to make a print, the photo will ship within three working days. Each print is hand-signed in pencil by both Brian Blauser and Stewart Katz and comes with a certificate of authenticity and instructions for display and proper care of your print.

Limited Edition Gallery

Prints in this gallery are printed in limited editions of 250 (50 for Stuart’s Opera House prints). Each print is hand-signed in pencil by the photographer, Brian Blauser and comes with a certificate of authenticity and instructions for display and proper care of your print. There are two sizes: 5.5×18 and 12×18 of limited edition prints.

5.5 x 18 $35.00
12 x 18 $55.00

Limited edition prints in stock ship the same day they are ordered. Shipping and handling charges are $3.95 per print. Please email us for a quote if you are ordering outside of the United States.

How to Order

You can email us at
Call us at (740) 592-4596 during regular business hours (9-5 M-F).
Send a message through the mail to:
B&B; Studios
3 Orchard Lane
Athens, OH 45701.